Your skin microbes prove you are ‘a dog person’

skin microbes_dogs

If you’re a dog person, you may have more in common with your fellow dog owners than you even realize.

New research shows that two strangers who both own dogs are more likely to share similar skin bacteria than a married couple without a dog in the home. The study also found that dogs have more skin bugs in common with their human owner than other dogs.

Researchers examined the skin of people who lived together – couples, couples with dogs, couples with children and couples with children and dogs – and found that the family dog very generously shares his skin bugs with his owners. The groups with dogs in the home shared more skin bacteria than any of the other cohabitating groups studied. Not surprisingly, doggy affection is behind all this sharing – dogs transmit their skin microbes to their people via tongue-to-skin, skin-to-skin or paw-to-skin contact. For the complete article, please visit “Your skin microbes prove that you are a dog person” by Meghan Holohan, NBC News contributor

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